DSI Transactions

DSI partnered with the Sponsor to acquire and renovate Adagio Apartments, a 208-unit garden style Multifamily property located in Phoenix, AZ. This project presented investors with the unique opportunity to acquire and reposition an existing multifamily property in Phoenix, AZ. Due to the increase demand for rental product in the area, the building sold sooner than expected, at a higher sale price than originally forecast, yielding a net IRR to LP investors of 22%.
Sector Value-Add Multifamily
Number of units 208 units
Investment Type JV Equity
Term (months) 36 Months, renovation to be complete in 24 months
Forecast IRR and Multiple
(net to investors)
IRR of 17.40%
Multiple of 1.57x
Projected IRR and Multiple
(net to investors)
IRR of 22.00%
Multiple of 1.37x